AlphaWallet 1.2 released, now you can put kitties in your palm 

Our team at AlphaWallet is pleased to announce the release of AlphaWallet 1.2 which allows native support for your collectable tokens (ERC721) and an inbuilt dapp browser which will allow you to surf the dapp web.

Click here for iOS and here for Android

Transfer, display and sell your kitties without ever leaving your device

Buy tokens with the click of a button & more, with the inbuilt DApp Browser

With the in build dapp browser, exchanging your ether for tokens is a simple click away, simply visit sites like to purchase an array of tokens in a quick and safe manner.

Use your own NFT

AlphaWallet 1.2 also allows you to customise your own ERC875 non fungible tokens by providing an XML file to interpret the token data.

If you just want a simple NFT to run inside your wallet without unique customisation, you can easily deploy an ERC875 NFT token and immediately transfer, sell via URL and redeem your tokens inside the app.

Click here to create your own NFT that you can start using today.

What would you like to see in your crypto wallet? Leave your comments below

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