AlphaWallet 1.60 Release

The team at AlphaWallet is excited to announce that AlphaWallet App version 1.60 released, inluding the iOS version and Android version.


What’s New?

  •  Upgraded Dapp browser.
  •  Multi Chain token discovery – wallet finds all standard tokens in all the chains on your wallet address.
  •  Names for each account.
  •  Shows all selected chains for account (use chain filter to select displayed chains).
  •  Various fixes.
  •  Reduce network bandwidth.
  •  Improve dapp browser flow to be more consistent with expectation.
  •  Ensure gas calculation is for the correct chain.
  •  Fix fragment issue for Android Pi.
  •  Correct spawn token behaviour.



Surf the DApps! We are completely open source on Github and available on both the app store and play store , feel free to put AlphaWallet in your hand!




2 thoughts on “AlphaWallet 1.60 Release

  1. It’s a great app! We are opening up a platform business. We will use a new ERC20 token for our memebers to our platform. I’d like to use AlphaWallet for our purpose. I’ve been doing some testing with your code, but somehow it keeps stopping after several screens, and then it keeps stopping after initial logo screen. 1) I’d like to fix this problem so I can go through the app. that I’ve built on Android Studio for my education (When I use your version from PLAY STORE, it works like a champ of course.) If you can help me there it will be super! 2) I’d like to keep track of puclic keys of our clients so that we can send rewards points etc. What would be the best way to do so? 3) Is it possible to import your wallet as a part of our platform? If so how to do it? Is it possible to ask you to implement it for us, and if so, what would be the cost, considering we are a small startup company with a big dream?
    Thanks in advance for your response. David.

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