AlphaWallet Pre Series-A funding!

Now the team is set to build the most robust crypto mobile wallet platform for you!

AlphaWallet has recently completed Pre Series A funding of 1.2 million USD from a strategic group of investors HashKey, Fenbushi and LongHash.

We are very excited to formally announce it and welcome these partners to the AlphaWallet family! We have a clear match in our visions and it’s a natural fit for what the different contributors bring with them.


These funds and investors are helping us take AlphaWallet to the next level! We are accelerating the efforts on building the wallet products as well as TokenScript which fuels innovation in token-based technologies and prepares us well for the next wave of user growth across the blockchain ecosystem.

To this day, most users still find it utterly difficult to interact with blockchain products. AlphaWallet being a mobile-first company is here to change this. We’re proud of the products we’ve delivered so far as we’ve got one of the most user-friendly mobile wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem and it’s already released on both iOS and Android. What we’re developing with TokenScript will bring functionality to tokens and make it easier for developers to utilize smart contracts functions.

Our aim is to establish AlphaWallet as a solid platform to serve the growth of the ecosystem and onboard the next influx of users across the various growth areas: DeFi, DAO, games and social applications with a cross-section of products. Our fundamental principles across our work securityusabilityand privacy.

Presenting AlphaWallet’s Pre Series A investors:

Leading the round is HashKey Capital — a major player in the Blockchain ecosystem with partners and portfolio such as Circle, Ethereum, DBS bank and many more. Hashkey is very helpful for AlphaWallet as they bring knowledge from their involvement in the industry and what they have learned working with their extensive portfolio companies, and institutional clients.

“Tokenization is at the core of blockchain applications. It’s also where blockchain can add value to businesses and I look forward to seeing TokenScript continue to drive innovations in this area.”

Dr. Xiao Feng, Chairman @ Hashkey Group and Wanxiang Blockchain

“AlphaWallet team brings deep technical capabilities and tackle the most challenging business problems: real-world token utility. With AlphaWallet’s mobile app and their work in TokenScript, people will be able to do much more than only buying and selling tokens. HashKey Capital is very pleased to join the pre seriers A funding round of AlphaWallet”

Deng Chao, CEO @ HashKey Capital

Fenbushi Capital Have been important supporters and their network in the Blockchain world is tremendous. Having Shen Bo’s advise is very meaningful for AlphaWallet’s development.

“The team at AlphaWallet is a perfect fusion of passionate techies and business conscious realists. We are thrilled to be supporting such an exciting project.”

Shen Bo, General Partner @ Fenbushi Capital

“The technology AlphaWallet team are developing is solving the most important problems in the Blockchain industry at the moment and we’re excited to see the progress they are making on TokenScript and use cases that bring us closer to commercial adoption”

Rin Huang, Vice President @ Fenbushi Capital

LongHash Singapore and the LongHash Hatch Program we’ve gone through connected us to the global grassroots network they’ve established from APAC to Europe.

“A blockchain wallet needs to be so much more than just a send/receive app. While most wallets are aimed at holding/trading speculative tokens, AlphaWallet is poised to adopt the next wave of users who will have tokens that represent who they are, what they have done and what they can do. AlphaWallet is on a mission to be the ‘Mozilla Firefox’ of the web3.0 world.”

James Gong, Founder @ LongHash

“AlphaWallet participated in our inaugural LongHash Hatch program. We’re excited to see the progress that AlphaWallet is making on fundraising and glad to be able to facilitate that process with leading blockchain VC such as Fenbushi capital and HashKey Capital.”

Emma Cui, CEO @ LongHash Singapore

We also had amazing individuals contributing to this round and they’ve been a major strategic force influencing where AlphaWallet’s mission of smart tokens has started making the most impact.

“AlphaWallet is providing a solution to the trillion-dollar question: We now have peer-to-peer, programmable money powered by the blockchain and smart contracts, but how to integrate the business logic of the goods and services across the physical world and the digital world, concurrently let participants interact in a verifiable and fully decentralized manner.”

Pan Chao, China Lead @ MakerDAO

What’s next for AlphaWallet?

Since we started 1 year ago, we’ve been laser-focused on building a robust product that can serve the community as mobile adoption is growing. We will continue to put the community first as we build more new things. Now, we’re going to focus on working with partners who will be bringing missing functionality to crypto products with TokenScript and unlock features that will empower users and make it easier for developers to deploy their DApps.

But, we believe cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology isn’t only about technology, it’s first and foremost about the people, those early innovators who are already in the ecosystem as well as those who aren’t even aware of what crypto is.


AlphaWallet team!

As we’re preparing to the next step, we’re growing the team, If you like our work & consider joining, email us your story. We are mostly interested in product-oriented developers and generally people who are curious and excited to join us on our journey to build a future. where the free market is flourishing and people are empowered by our technologies!

Reach out and talk to us!

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